A Touch of Lebanon in the Heart of Casablanca

Unifying Cultures with Food

 What do New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, and Dubai have in common? 

 An abundance of Lebanese restaurants. 

No matter which country you're from, chances are there's a Lebanese restaurant in your vicinity. So what is the secret to Lebanese cuisine? 


 Through the ages, it has seen countless merchants, travelers, conquerors, adventurers, and wanderers land on its shores and pass through its borders, bringing with them the culinary secrets of their motherland. Over time, these culinary foreigners blended with the local gastronomy to produce some truly distinctive dishes. 

The Lebanese Touch

 Lebanese cuisine, as you will discover, is bursting with taste, rich in texture, and filled to the brim with nutrients. You are sure to find an assortment of succulent meats along with a refreshing salad, a nutritious dip, an appetizing vegetable dish and freshly-baked warm bread. 

Whatever your preference, you are sure to find a mouth-watering dish to appease your palate. 

 Our goal at Sa7ten is to unify our guest's cultures and spirits with our own, expressing passion and generosity in the cuisine we share. 

So if you've never tried real Lebanese food before, then allow us to oblige; at Sa7ten, we do it with a twist!

Plat du Jour



A Levantine favorite; fresh salad with toasted crispy bread, cucumbers, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, mint, parsley, olive oil and pomegranate molasses for a tangy finish.


A Lebanese classic; Strained yogurt with a rich, thick, tangy, creamy texture. Topped with olive oil and served with olives and warm pita bread.

Warak 3enab

6 pieces of stuffed Grape Leaves; an amazingly creative, tasty and healthy Lebanese dish. Rolled grape leaves with rice and vegetable stuffing slowly boiled in citrus water.

Spice up Your Events

Need some tasty Lebanese food to liven up your event? Sa7ten now offers full catering services with the same spirit of hospitality as we provide every day in our restaurant. Let our renowned chef make your event a smashing success! 

Need a tailored offer? Give us a call. We're happy to help!

Straight From the Clients' Mouth

From the amazing people who make it all worthwhile.

Ihssane Youssef


"SUCH good food! Fantastic atmosphere - cozy and warm decor in a concrete jungle. Knowledgeable staff and fast service. Delicious, unique and brilliantly selected food offerings. The food is SCRUMPTIOUS! Five Stars, no questions asked. Make sure to try desserts - WOW!"

Hajar Al Mughrabi


"What an absolute delight! Went here for a birthday dinner and while looking at the normal menu our waiter stopped by to offer us some tasters. Of course, we had to try it - absolutely zero disappointment except that we couldn't eat it all because there were so many dishes.

I highly recommend Sa7ten and will definitely return again!"

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