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A welcoming ambiance feels just like home.
A welcoming ambiance feels just like home.

A Challenge

When we first moved to Morocco, we were immediately faced with a challenge. 

Deprived of all the warm comforts of our favorite dishes, we drifted from one Lebanese restaurant to the next, trying to satisfy our craving for tasty Lebanese food. In Morocco, many restaurants have made adequate attempts at Lebanese food. There is just one problem; "adequate" is not usually a word that you associate with Lebanese cuisine.

We all agreed; Lebanon deserved better representation. 

Lebanese cuisine: a wide spectrum of delicious flavors
Lebanese cuisine: a wide spectrum of delicious flavors

After all, cuisine is a portal into a country's culture. A window to its civilization. Get it wrong, and you misrepresent the essence and soul of that culture. 

So, the wheels were already set in motion for a partnership between four motivated individuals who were, quite literally, hungry for change; and unwilling to compromise. 

A Mission

Our mission was simple: to revive and bring this ancient cuisine to a public who hadn't properly experienced it. It was with this unflinching spirit that Sa7ten was founded by a collaboration of Lebanese expats who were determined to showcase the authentic taste of Lebanon.

The allure of Lebanese is in its variety
The allure of Lebanese is in its variety

A New Standard has Been Set

Genuine excellence and mouth-watering taste don't just come from nowhere. It takes passion, skill, and only the freshest local ingredients, reinforced with the legendary Lebanese hospitality.  

This is the story of how Sa7ten was founded by a group of passionate individuals who wanted to do justice to the famed Lebanese culinary heritage; and set a new standard in Morocco.

 Want to know more about Lebanese cuisine? Continue reading below.

Freshly-baked bread served warm, soft, and delicious.
Freshly-baked bread served warm, soft, and delicious.

So what makes Lebanese food so cherished the world over? Here are 3 reasons:


A Lebanese meal is a wholly fulfilling one; you will typically find a little of everything on your plate. If you want to satisfy your hunger and really feel like you ate, then Lebanese cuisine is just the ticket. You will be satisfied and full long after wiping the last tasty morsel off your plate. 

Since a wide range of exotic and flavorful spices are used in the creation of each of these dishes, there is a crucial health benefit, too.


Another key trait of Lebanese cuisine is that it is rich in every way. Be it flavor, texture, goodness or nutrition; it is packed with them all. Our forefathers certainly took their food seriously, and passed down those culinary qualities over generations. Today, Lebanese cuisine is as rich as it was all those centuries ago. 

At Sa7ten, we take things a step further; attuning it to modern day palates with our own fresh takes on old standards. However, we have taken care not to lose out on the traditional characteristics that have made Lebanese cuisine what it is, preserving the essence that has delighted taste buds for centuries. 


Lebanese cuisine features a wide spectrum of many different cultures and traditions all brewed in one pot. The resulting explosion of flavors cannot be found anywhere else in the world. From the Indians to the Turks to the French; the influences are as wide and varied as the number of spices typically used in our dishes. 

Hence, when someone indulges in a hearty Lebanese meal, they are not just experiencing local flavors, but flavors brought together by different nations over millenia.

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